Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A rainy day at Barcelona

It all started with my wet clothes*! I washed them the day before yesterday, dried them yesterday like the way people do it here in Barcelona (and in Bangladesh), then it wasn't as dry as I am used to. So I thought I will leave them for another day. This another day had rain, which I didn't check in the forecast! So its still there for another day (because I am lazy) then it will get another wash then will be there for another day to get dried :)
*These are not all my wet clothes. I had more on the other side :)
I bought this thing long before, but never used it! Its the rain coat for my camera :) After taking the picture of my wet clothes, I thought may be I should take some pictures outside. Here it goes... A rainy day at Barcelona.

Its not typical Rambla street.

This Moka restaurant made me "boka" in my first day with 5.5 euro orange juice. Later I found another restaurant had coke for 7 euros! Food prices in this tourist spot is not too high, probably 2-3 euros extra. They make money with the drinks. So be it Moka or Khoka, everyone will make you boka.
Spain's flag color in taxi's yellow and break light's red reflection.

My apartment road again!
not crowded as usual, but still 1-2 customers.

People were still making noise in the Catalanya for that protest!
try to see everyone's moving hands..

rain or shine, they will sell something.. be it sunglass or umbrella, whatever you need - you will find it.

from my apartment balcony, usually this place is jam-packed..

it was all possible because of my camera's raincoat :)

If you want to see all photos from that day, check here.

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