Saturday, May 28, 2011

Champions League Final

I was lucky to be in Barcelona when Barcelona defeated Man U to win the Champions League Final. The game and the celebration were all very good until I lost my phone and wallet with cards, IDs and some cash. Given that Barcelona tops the list now in pickpocketing tourists (check one list here), not much I could do in this case where there were lots of noise and lots of people. I just feel lucky that I still have my passport!

It all started since the morning. All the bars, restaurants had Barcelona flags. You can tell something is going to happen today.

I watched the game in a small bar. I wonder if there are any dedicated football (the real football) bars at Rochester. Watching the game, even in a small bar was lots of fun.



Win for Barcelona!

Celebration started everywhere!

Everyone coming to La Ramblas and gathering at the center..

People gathered around La Ramblas drinking fountain.

Fans enjoying every bit of celebration..

even younger fans!

with the older ones..

This was awesome..

some people even tried to climb the tree to get some cheers from the crowd.

these are like potka of bangladesh.

sea of people!

There were lots of noise and lots of people. After shooting this photo, I realized I am missing my waist bag, where i had my phone and wallet with cards, IDs and some cash!

If you want to see all photos from that day, check here.

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