Monday, June 11, 2012

U of Rochester 360 panaroma from Rush Rhees

With the color of Fall, I symbolize the colorful Fall of Rochester keeping the Rush Rhees in the center and the 360 degree panaroma around it. I am symbolizing Rush Rhees (library) the center of our beautiful university campus and the city of Rochester (to an extent). 

This image is a 360 degree panaroma, shot from the top of Rush Rhees Library during the last Halloween. I shot 85 overlapping frames and used the software to merge them to create the 360 degree panaroma. It gives a birds-eye view or the 360 view of our River campus from the Rush Rhees Library in one frame. These are High Dynamic Range (HDR) images as well, i.e. I shot total 255 photos (85*3) -- 3 photos for each frame in 3 different exposure to capture all the colors properly. 

The photo that symbolizes Rush Rhees library as the center, was shot separately. The 360 degree panaroma is shot from the library, centering around it.

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