Friday, May 27, 2011

Barcelona First Sight

I am interning at Yahoo! Research, Barcelona this summer. This gives me a great opportunity to do what I like the best - photography. However, I took the longest time to click the shutter after landing in a new country. Finally after 23 hours 25 minutes, I couldn't hold myself anymore.

This is from the balcony of my room. I found the buildings in this area very similar to the ones in Bangladesh.
But the streets look like typical European streets. The view from my apartment - street to Las Ramblas.

People dries clothes like Bangladeshis :) I also saw this in Malta as well. May be many European countries do the same.
The store next to my apartment
Typical street shop in Las Ramblas
Plaça Catalunya

There was a protest in Plaça Catalunya. People were protesting against the government, which they claim is fake democracy. Similar instances in Bangladesh would end as strikes, which would frustrate general people even more. The Americans won't even care even when the government spends their tax dollars for useless things. I highly respected this peaceful demonstration. Spanish police came today to remove these protesters in the excuse of cleaning for tomorrow's big game. But the protesters came back again at night! Those people were so lively and full of energy. Check the night pictures below for more.

A police was asking a woman to sit in the next stair. She was adamant to sit where she was sitting. They forced her to move, but if it was in the Bangladesh she probably would have been badly beaten and may be in the US, people won't dare to say anything against the police. Check the next few photos and a video here.
I asked many people what was happening, none of them could explain to me well in English. Finally these two people explained to me what was happening and their stand against the government.

You won't believe it's 12 at night.

People were sitting in the road - eating, gossiping. I am not sure if this is due to the protest or normal Barcelona night! I have to figure it out in the coming days :)
So many people in Plaça Catalunya!
Many people were singing and enjoying the time..

One placard that I understood!
People were dipping their arms in the bucket filled with white paint
then left a mark on the floor
they all brought their beddings

who would think a person sitting in this chair would come for the protest!

Another group singing

making noise with a stick on a bottle

people sitting on the road

my apartment is on this road

Bought this for tomorrow's Champions League final match between Barcelona vs Man U :) If Barcelona wins, hope to get some good photos of the celebration..

If you are interested, you can check more photos of this series here.

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