Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Igor in JFK

I was going to Pittsburgh for a conference and had a 3 hour wait at JFK. At first I was trying to do some work and later thought I should take some photographs. I was hunting for interesting subjects and shoe polishing caught my eyes! In that process I met an immigrant from Ukraine, Igor Sauchuk, a shoe polisher at first sight, but a very talented individual. He wrote a book, Only About The Love Of God and captured many of his adventurous experiences in a professional quality video (created in Ukraine). It was an unique experience to meet Igor. We were hoping to get some customers so that I can take photographs of shoe polishing, but it ended up being some waiting pictures :-) Enjoy!
Update: 2010-10-10: I went to NYC and was coming back from JFK and met Igor again! This time with a customer :-) Few photos added in the end.

Updated: 2010-10-10

Find out more pictures in my flickr page (or in flickriver page).

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