Saturday, September 25, 2010

CMU and Pittsburgh

Some pictures around Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Get, Set, Go!

Sky is the limit!

The Randy Pausch memorial bridge. I was looking forward to this one actually. If you don't know about Randy Pausch, check this video.

Mini-castle like houses! You can see the European influences all around.

Churches all around! I am not sure if this is common in Pittsburgh, or something to do with the place (around CMU), but there were lots and lots of churches (normal church, Korean church, Unitarian church, and many more)... All these in 20 mins of walking distance! I might missed many other churches too. Probably the area is just a church area :)

Food! There are actually very good restaurants around. I had a good food time :) I would recommend to try restaurants there, they were pretty good.

Find out more pictures in my flickr page (or in flickriver page).

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