Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sardinian group Sa Roda's performance

I wanted to check out the churches at Barcelona. What could be a better day than a Sunday! I ended up going to the church today (even though didn't take photos of the church!) and found few people in some traditional dress. I talked to few of them and came to know that they are from Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean. They will dance in front of the church after an hour. Wandered around, shot some photos of their preparation, inside the church and finally their traditional performance. Name of their group is Sa Roda. It was really a nice performance and they were really very nice people.
Check more about Sardinia. I didn't video, but you can get an idea of their dance from this video.
This lovely couple explained me at first about the event, later others explained in more details.
Getting ready for the event - my favorite shot of the event!
I was told they were singing in Sardinian.
First row in the church - older people, or someone interested in taking photo.

Flag of Sardinia.

Before their dance, they gave everyone some cookies.

Getting ready for the dance.

After the performance

Check more photos in my picasa album.

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