Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebration of Sant Joan's

Sant John's celebration is big in Barcelona. People get a holiday next day to celebrate it all night! I was told that it is celebrated everywhere, but mostly around the beach areas. Three symbols of this celebration are: fire, water and herbs. For obvious reasons, beach makes a good venue for this celebration :) Check more details about this event here.
The evening started with hanging around the parks and the streets. This good-looking, handsome dog caught my attention.

A guy, busy on the phone with a handsome dog - good combination to earn some money :) I spent 15 cents to take these photos.
Then we went to a Basque style restaurant/bar. They give you a plate and you eat anything from the display. In the end, they will count the toothpick.

Beginning of Sant Joan's celebration.

Next we went to the beach.

Firecrackers like these will be everywhere - some of them with lots of noise and some of them with lots of flames..

playing with fire...

and of course, singing...
Steps to lit a firecracker. 1. Set it up.
2. lit the fire
3. be prepared to run at the same time
4. run!
5. shooooooo

also some bbq'ing.
many of them will bring tent as well..

Some free belly dancing as well.. You thought only Shakira's hips dont' lie!

I couldn't find my other friends by this time and it was 2'ish by then. So after some effort to find them, I went home. People mostly stays much longer and many of them all night.. 2am was enough for me :)

If you want to see all photos (includes some videos as well) from that day, check here.

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