Friday, July 30, 2010

Yet another blog by me

I have lost count for my blogs, none of which I actually maintain or write regularly! But I am hoping that this particular blog will be different, i.e. it will be maintained! :-) I am hopeful about this one, because I will be writing less in this blog and posting more pictures for people's sharing, viewing, downloading and buying prints. At that same time, I will try to share my views on taking pictures of particular thing as well. Question is, what are the subjects of my pictures? Answer is, it is mostly travel photography, sometimes known, iconic places, sometimes random things from different places, where I get to travel for presenting my work in different conferences. Thanks to my graduate school advisor :-)

I will start my blog with this picture, which was taken from Colloseum (Rome, Italy). I personally like this picture because to me the red bricks of the Colloseum have a texture of inviting to view the other side. My invite is to view the other side, i.e. exploring my blog :-) Enjoy!

Rochester, NY
30 July, 2010


  1. Great introduction! Thank you for opening the door to the "other side" for viewers like us who don't get as many chances to step outside our four-walled boxes :) Looking forward to your future postings..